Minggu, Oktober 23

Reflections For The Devil - Witch

Below the eclipse
I wrote this song for creature like you
With spilled and scattered tears of blood
With a deep hatred

I though you like an angel
But in the end
Your camouflage revealed
You just a fucking creeps!

You rotten brain
I can see it (you bitch)
From your eyes
I see hell in your eyes

I should of known, you're not innocent but wicked sick
I should of known, how to kill you like the other

Now it's my turn
My turn to kill you slowly
Till nothing left
Till nothing left

I'll take your heart for my dessert
I'll take your eyes for my key holder
I'll turn every drop of your blood into my alchohol

The best place for a bitch like you is hell
I hope you get a rotten place in hell there
and I can kill you for twice in hell there